Adrian Pollard

Co-founder at bitHolla
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Long time crypto trader, product designer, tester, and blockchain application builder in Seoul, South Korea. Focused on digital asset-based technology infrastructures such as exchanges, wallets, and payments.

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  • 1. In an exclusive email interview with Co-founder of bitHolla, Adrian Pollard explains about why he sees Bitcoin touch the $100,000 mark.

    2. He further discusses the idea of launching HollaEx Kit and how is it changing the crypto market for its users.

    Adrian Pollard is the co-founder of bitHolla, a crypto exchange software provider based in Seoul, South Korea. Adrian’s history in crypto spans back as far as 2013 and has been working actively in the crypto space since. He has a background in graphic design and game design completing a double major in Australia, graduating from ECU. Today, he manages the content and communication around bitHolla’s main open-source product HollaEx Kit which allows individuals and businesses to create various crypto projects such as exchanges and wallets and other common crypto-based financial products.

    3 March 2021
  • Speaking to AMBCrypto, Adrian Pollard the co-founder of bitHolla, an exchange solutions provider stated that current BTC on-chain data is promising on two fronts.

    Firstly, pointing to the inflows and outflows from major exchanges, there are large volumes of Bitcoin being moved during the last crash earlier in the month. This indicates that traders are not sitting idly by as the markets fluctuate, and instead are waiting eagerly to move their BTC around whenever there is a price drop. Such concern and anxiety suggest that “there are less BTC being sent to the exchanges to sell as confidence slides back up again,” stated Pollard.

    Secondly, pointing to derivatives exchange data, another positive sign emerges for the spot market. Inflows to big-money exchanges like BitMEX have “stayed down” since March indicating that while traders were rushing to exchanges to deposit Bitcoin, the overall balance was reducing. This indicates that while trading volume was high, the number of positions open and outstanding on these exchanges were dropping, as traders looked to close out and move on. Pollard stated,

    ” You can see a small spike up as people rushed to deposit BTC to bolster their positions but ultimately balances permanently reduced.”


    27 January 2021
  • Adrian Pollard, the co-founder and chief product officer bitHolla — a platform that sets up crypto exchanges — told Cointelegraph that Square’s decision to start giving out grants to “worthy” developers is mutually beneficial for all parties involved, citing the company’s 50% increase in profits from offering Bitcoin via its native smartphone app:

    “As far as I know, Square’s grant is the most generous and productive because its purpose is solely to enhance the Bitcoin protocol. I believe it has the greatest chance of affecting positive change.”


    27 January 2021
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