Alex Pezold

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at TokenEx
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  • While there will always be data breaches, technologies provided by companies like TokenEx and Bluefin render data breaches useless. Additionally, understanding that payment card data isn’t the only data record breached today, our partnership provides a powerful opportunity for organizations to expand beyond just securing payment card information to address the larger privacy and healthcare markets.

    19 January 2021
  • We are both proud and excited to be on the forefront of the payments and data-security industries, and the Transparent Gateway is just one example of the types of innovative technologies that got us here. We are committed to the continual development of new solutions that will enhance the security as well as the business utility of sensitive data for our customers around the world.

    19 January 2021
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  • TokenEx
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    started Jun 2010