Angelo D'Alessandro


Angelo D'Alessandro is the CEO and founder of Bella Loves Me, a new lifestyle brand that includes a recently launched digital banking platform (November 2020) with empathy at its core. D'Alessandro believes Bella is a game changer for the banking industry and that the Bella lifestyle brand will change the way companies interact with their communities and stakeholders. Bella Loves Me digital banking sets itself apart by putting people ahead of profits, injecting compassion in an industry focused on numbers instead of humanity. D'Alessandro says: "We want to be there for our members 24/7, no matter what. Solving problems, being there and treating them as family members, not just as customers. We're not talking about checking account numbers, but human beings. We believe in compassion, we believe in sharing and helping people, and also having fun with banking functionality." D'Alessandro includes a "text me" button on the company website so that customers can reach him directly. More about Angelo D'Alessandro in his official biography below:

Angelo's main passion is to build new brands from scratch, putting together teams of entrepreneurs ready to create community-based products and services leveraging human values, empathy, love, design and the best technology on the market. Angelo has more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, driving technology, marketing, and digital transformation programs. Before conceiving and launching BELLA in the US, Angelo founded another brand-digital banking service, in Europe, called buddybank®, the first conversational bank in the world, offering banking and lifestyle services through messaging. He is an expert in transforming how brands interact with their customers, proving that conversational commerce can turn clients into ambassadors. Now, with BELLA, Angelo has the ambition to take this concept to the next level by leveraging the power of LivePerson Conversational AI and algorithms to bring love, beauty, and empathy to the industry.

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