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Bruce Dahl provides a full range of strategic intellectual property legal counseling to our clients in his. As an IP lawyer, his vast range of experience extends to U.S. and foreign patent prosecution, patent infringement studies, design-around efforts and agreements relating to intellectual property. Over his career, Bruce has prosecuted patent applications in a wide range of technical fields, including materials science, optics, energy production, computers and software, general mechanics and thermodynamics. He also represents clients in a wide array of industries, such as manufacturing, mining and film coating.

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  • NPEs do play an important role in markets because they provide a way for patent owners to monetize their patents. Many patents are granted to persons who are unable to commercialize them. If an NPE suspects a commercial product infringes one or more patents, that NPE will identify those patents and purchase them from the patent owner.

    5 April 2021
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    5 April 2021
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