Caroline Ortiz

Nurse at Pacific College of Health and Science
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With over 24 years of nursing experience, Caroline’s practice combines holistic health approaches with conventional medical care. She is on faculty with the Pacific College of Health and Science’s Holistic Nursing Programs and is a PhD candidate investigating the traditional healing practices of Mexican American women. Caroline has developed and implemented health promotion programs for diverse populations; presented locally, nationally, and internationally to general and professional audiences; and participates in clinical research involving complementary and integrative approaches to health.

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  • Growing up in deep South Texas on the coastal border with Mexico, I was raised in a bicultural/bilingual region where Mexican culture and traditions mixed with those considered American. My mom was a nurse, so when we were sick, she would take us to the pediatrician. However, if we were staying with our grandmother—my mom worked a lot—she would either administer home remedies or take us one block down the road to the local traditional healer. As a child, I did not understand the difference between Western biomedicine and traditional medicine. I just knew that receiving care from my grandmother and the local healer felt so much more love-infused than when taken to the doctor. As I further explored complementary and alternative medicine and holistic nursing, the childhood memories of my grandmother’s healing rituals and remedies and the feelings of being deeply cared for returned. My decision to study traditional healing practices among Mexican-American women of deep South Texas is more an act of honor and gratitude to my ancestral medicine-keepers than being strictly an intellectual endeavor. Through this work, I am returning home to learn from caregivers and healers with the intention of sharing what the traditional medicine from ancient Mesoamerica by way of Mexico can teach us today about well-being and healing in mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

    30 March 2021
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    29 March 2021
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