Cole Torres

Owner at Cole's Computer Solutions
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Cole is an expert in information technology and the technical side of digital marketing. He is the owner of Local Eye Media and Cole's Computer Solutions. Cole has leadership experience in IT and over a decade in healthcare IT experience. Cole has extensive knowledge in HIPAA and developing workflows and compliance solutions for healthcare organizations. In additional to being an IT and marketing consultant, Cole has been establishing a presence on YouTube to educate people on technology, public policy surrounding technology, and other issues that have social impact.

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  • Having too much stuff downloaded and saved on your computer can cause your computer to slow down. You also run the risk of losing all of your data if your computer’s hard drive breaks down.

    1 April 2021
  • We continue to see more companies move services and infrastructure to the cloud. Most of these companies are also operating in a Windows environment. I don't ever see that changing.

    1 April 2021
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