Dennis Reno

SVP and Head of Customer Experience at Cyara
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Dennis is a customer experience and customer success executive with over 30 years of professional experience directing client engagement, customer success, technical support, technical training, account management and professional services programs to drive customer success for Fortune 500 businesses, small business, enterprise software, and SaaS customers. He designs operations dedicated to successful customer on-boarding, adoption, and retention in SaaS and cloud services as well as contact center operations, identity management and mail and application security. Dennis also builds, leads, coaches, and empowers global customer success, support and professional services teams to deliver optimal client services and exceed business targets.

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  • When a customer service department receives a complaint, they aren’t trying to sell a product because the customer has already purchased the product. Instead, the customer service team is attempting to maintain customer loyalty by quickly and efficiently resolving any issue [customers] might be experiencing.

    30 March 2021
  • We know that digital transformation, and the automation that is essential to making it successful, requires organizational and process change, which can be hard to navigate. We recognized a need for additional services to help our customers throughout their digital transformation journey. Cyara’s team has been automating contact center testing for over 14 years and collectively possesses unmatched expertise in the industry. We are constantly looking for new ways to bring that expertise to our customers to ensure their success.

    30 March 2021
  • In the COVID-19 era, it is especially critical to invest in digital CX programs that will build brand loyalty. For a strong CX program, business leaders should prioritize listening to their customer base and make sure teams are responsive on social media and digital channels, as well as more traditional forms of B2C communication, in order to stay connected with customers during these uncertain times.

    30 March 2021
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    SVP and Head of Customer Experience