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  • In my profession as an OBGYN, we certainly need to take precautions when necessary, but in this case, any potential risks the vaccine may pose to pregnant people and those providing breast milk to their infants are much less than the very real risks facing those who contract COVID. We have to trust our experts, who all suggest that pregnant people and those providing breast milk to their infants are strongly urged to consider receiving the COVID vaccine. Findings suggest that COVID in pregnancy is more likely to result in preterm birth and to lead to severe disease with more life-saving interventions required. While we have yet to see the longer-term impacts of an expecting parent contracting COVID on their children, we have reason to be optimistic that the vaccine is a net benefit for a pregnant or breastfeeding person. Of course, this is a personal decision and should be made together with your Ob/Gyn or midwife. This is also, importantly, a public health imperative. The health of our society depends on our ability to achieve immunity at a population level. This is even more critical for certain segments of the population. Some individuals are both at higher risk of contracting the virus and at higher risk of having serious life impacts as a result of it — health-wise, socially, and economically.

    17 February 2021
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