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Founder & Chief Science Officer at Sensory Cloud
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David Edwards is an inventor, writer and former professor at Harvard University. He has started multiple companies and oversees the World Frontiers Forum and the restaurant Senses in Cambridge Massachusetts. He explores new ways of delivering human health and wellness in drug, vaccine, food and scent forms, with special attention to environmental sustainability, as in his edible packaging. His inventions have led to many companies and nonprofits, including Advanced Inhalation Research (purchased by Alkermes in 1999), Pulmatrix (PULM: NASDAQ), Medicine in Need, AeroDesigns, Wikifood (now Incredible Foods), Quantum Designs, Labstore, Cafe ArtScience, Le Laboratoire, oNotes, the World Frontiers Forum, and Sensory Cloud. He writes fiction and non fiction in English and French. His book Creating Things that Matter (Holt 2018) won a 2018 Nautilus Award.

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  • We have done a number of other studies over the last 9 months, and we always see this. The signature of superspreading of airborne infectious disease may be quite directly related to this phenotypical variation in exhaled respiratory droplets between individuals.

    11 March 2021
  • The findings, which build on an earlier study this summer, suggest that we can provide what is, in effect, a nasal filter to protect at-risk populations from viral carrying aerosols. Access to a new hygiene protocol for reducing the spread of these smallest particles, which can otherwise be dispersed into indoor air and enter deep into our lungs, can be an important intervention as we head back to work and school, as winter approaches, and as troubling data about rates of infection continue to emerge.

    11 March 2021
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