Eloy Avila

Chief Technology Officer, Americas at Darktrace
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Eloy is an experienced sales engineering leader with both hands-on technical as well as managerial/mentor experience in various enterprise software verticals and in growing field teams as well as partnering with global matrix organizations. He is comfortable with close alignment with supporting teams including field marketing, product, R&D and development teams and with senior leadership on go to market strategies. Eloy has focused on Big Data and Cyber Security and helping customers with challenges in these areas around analytics, security and compliance there as well as with large scale solutions for ECM, eDiscovery and Safe Cities.

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  • The reality is that as cars become more connected, they become a new attack surface that can be targeted by cyber-criminals. We've seen time and time again that attackers are creative and opportunistic. If there is a vulnerability to be exploited or weakness to be found in connected mobility platforms, they will target it -- especially if there is any profit to be gained. Connected vehicles will constantly be receiving and sending data, and while it might be difficult for us to imagine how this data could be used, adversaries have proven they can monetize and leverage data in a variety of ways.

    11 April 2021
  • Learning normal behavior to identify emerging attacks and vulnerabilities at the earliest stages has never been more relevant. Innovations including client sensors, cloud-native delivery, and one-click integrations extend Darktrace Immune System to detect, investigate and respond to threats everywhere to secure today’s agile and intelligent workforce.

    24 February 2021
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    Chief Technology Officer, Americas