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Clinical Professor at UCLA Health
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Emanuel Maidenberg, Ph.D. is the founder and director of Behavioral Associates Los Angeles. He is a clinical professor of psychiatry and the director of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinic at Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California, Los Angeles. Over the past 25 years Dr. Maidenberg has been training mental health professionals and psychiatry residents, as well as provided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for a variety of Anxiety Disorders and Depression.

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  • If you feel distressed some of the time, some of the days, you're probably with the majority of people, period. But if you start feeling distress for most of the day, for most of the week, and if those feelings of anxiety or sadness persist for a week or two, it could be time to reach out for help.

    1 April 2021
  • Kids typically deal with something like that similarly to how they were shown to deal with it in previous circumstances.

    1 April 2021
  • Approach it not as a demand, expectation or rule. I think the most helpful way (to have these conversations) would be to describe what you feel that you need, and what you need is to feel safe.

    1 April 2021
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