Erin Akey

Nutritionist/Chef at 1031 Meals and 2 other organizations
On the record

Erin is a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Kids Nutrition Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Coach, and Holistic Life Coach. It is her belief that we need to teach kids to live healthy and eat real food from a young age in order to avoid the unhealthy lifestyle she lived for almost 35 years. Erin uses the Bible as her foundation for healthy living. Erin believes in a clean, minimally processed lifestyle taking food back to nature. Eating real foods from nature that God created for us to use is KEY to long term health. With our adulterated food supply in America, and abroad, Erin also believes good supplements such as a multi-vitamin, probiotics, and gut health support are critical to avoiding poor health and falling into the trap of metabolic syndrome.

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  • Finding your tribe and a group of people you can honestly laugh with and spend time with, virtually or in-person is a huge factor in emotional health. Find your tribe at work, or in a sports club, or at your church, or in a hobby group on social media. So many of my clients with the worst health issues also find themselves feeling isolated and alone for various reasons.

    22 March 2021
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    22 March 2021
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