Gunther Sonnenfeld

CEO (and NFT painter) at RAIR Technologies
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Serial entrepreneur with deep technology, corporate and digital product experience having successfully built and operated companies with executive stints at large multinational companies such as Omnicom Group, and with customers such as Expedia, Orange, the UN, Unilever, Apple, Toyota, Bank of America, special project experience with the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon, as well as domain relevant work with the likes of Virgin Media Group, Revolt TV, Hulu and Ustream. Advisor to the U.S. and Australian governments on technology innovation, specifically around cryptography and digital security applications. Co-developer of the world’s first Bitcoin POS (point of sale) system, co-developer of Skype’s small business network coefficiency model, and a recipient of a Forrester Groundswell Award for groundbreaking social analytics work with Adobe. Part of teams that resulted in several exits.

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  • RAIR Technologies
    CEO (and NFT painter)