Guy Powell

President and Founder at ProRelevant
On the record

Guy Powell / President & Founding Partner – ProRelevant Marketing Solutions, Author Marketing Machine
As a global thought leader in marketing strategy and ROI, Powell understands and provides clients the strategies, tools and tactics to continuously improve their marketing ROI and align their marketing to the company’s revenue and profitability goals. ProRelevant has developed two innovative and powerful technology platforms under his guidance – MarketSim® Agent-based Modeling Marketing Analytics.
His latest book, Marketing Machine ( ), describes how marketers can build operational excellence into their marketing so they cannot just report on success of the past, but optimize their futures to generate the most sales and profit in a predictable and dependable manner.
As a University of Chicago / Booth School of Business MBA alumni, he leads a global team which can answer the most relevant marketing question of the day – How to measure and improve the marketing return on investment, regardless of the channel used; traditional, on-line, social & experiential investments are all a part of the global marketing models developed & delivered by Powell and the team at ProRelevant.
He has taught thousands of marketers around the world on this and other topics and is a regular guest lecturer for Emory Goizuetta and UNC Charlotte.
Mr. Powell is considered a global expert on the topic of marketing effectiveness and has authored, Marketing Machine: The Secret History of the Future of Marketing (ROI), Return on Marketing Investment: Demand More from your Marketing and Sales Investments, Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment, and The ROI of Social Media: How to Improve the Return on Your Social Marketing Investment (coauthor).

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