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President, Retirement Solutions and Executive Vice President, Morneau Shepell...
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A strategic leader with great capacity for creative thinking and solving complex problems, and a passion for improving people's financial health while helping organizations manage the associated costs and risks. Leading Morneau Shepell’s Retirement, Asset & Risk Management and Financial Wellbeing businesses. Morneau Shepell is a leading provider of strategic consulting, advisory and delegated services, spanning the entire range of pension, retirement, savings and financial wellbeing programs, helping organizations improve the financial outcomes of their people. Idan is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and of the Society of Actuaries.

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  • In fact, plan sponsors are looking at how they can provide for the “DBification” of defined contribution plans. We are seeing plan sponsors asking these questions. The investment perspective is probably the biggest sea change that we’re seeing. When it comes to investments, for example, plan sponsors are looking to simplify their fund lineups and remove any overlaps.

    18 February 2021
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    18 February 2021
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