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Co-founder and CEO at blue dot
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Isaac Saft is the founder and CEO of Blue dot. Prior to Blue dot, Isaac was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KCS, a company providing an innovative solution for internal audit and SOX risk management and FDA compliance. He is a strategic visionary who is skilled at establishing operational excellence and translating conceptual models into growth strategies. Isaac holds a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv.

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  • The name 'Blue dot' better reflects our broader portfolio of solutions and more accurately describes what we do, which is collect and connect transactional data dots for organizations that are struggling with partial data, massive overhead and missing checks. We provide tax compliance solutions that use AI to automate and streamline multiple functions, including tasks related to taxable employee benefits and corporate income tax expense deductibility, so the new brand better reflects our broader offering.

    2 April 2021
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