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As the Founder and President of the JB Capital, Mr. Hill is responsible for the overall strategic direction and leadership of the firm. His role contributes to the development and execution of our strategic and corporate goals, which includes oversight of relationships with capital partners and the evaluation and consummation of new investments. Known for his entrepreneurial vision and development expertise, Jeremy served as the President of several firms focusing on investment strategies and structured finance in the United States prior to founding JB Capital. With a recognized acuity for creating innovative solutions to complex situations, he has a provent track record of creative collaboration, earned multiple awards; shared his expertise as a guest on CNBC, served as a trusted advisor to growth companies; and created a name for himself as a visionary entrepreneur with a highly trained eye for opportunity.

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  • The reality is that the majority of people on Main Street are more concerned with what is going on in their daily lives and what is happening to them, and getting some degree of normalcy there. I think the stimulus package going through and being approved is probably going to have a more positive effect on markets, because people are less concerned with being evicted from their home or their residence, and the fact that maybe there is some degree of stabilization in their income with another $600 check coming.

    3 April 2021
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