Jeremy Tancredi

Director of Operations/Supply Chain Management at West Monroe Partners
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Jeremy Tancredi is a director in West Monroe Partners’ Operations Excellence solution line specializing in process improvement, supply chain management and engineered labor standards. Jeremy has more than 20 years experience delivering solutions for distribution, manufacturing, and retail operations, both in unionized and non-union environments. Jeremy works to streamline processes throughout his client’s supply chain. He increases efficiency and productivity through methods engineering, including the creation and implementation of engineered labor standards. His responsibilities include creating a standardized methodology and approach across multiple sites, scheduling project teams in conjunction with multi-site rollouts, and performing quality assurance on all engineering deliverables to ensure consistency. In addition to these responsibilities, Jeremy represents clients in the event of labor union audits and serves as an expert witness in labor arbitration.

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  • Many WMS vendors have been trying to add more AI decision-making algorithms in their software. Every time soup is ordered, for example, crackers are ordered as well. An AI system might also recognize the need to group marshmallows near hot chocolate during the winter, but near graham crackers and chocolate bars during the summer.

    17 March 2021
  • Some ways you do that are by focusing on things like route optimization, delivery process improvements and things like that so you are actively taking miles off of the road, and are shortening the last mile of the supply chain and eliminating the need for some of these additional vehicles and additional operations in place.

    17 March 2021
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    Director of Operations/Supply Chain Management