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Family Legacy Advisor at Wilmington Trust
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As part of the Wilmington Trust and M&T Emerald Advisory Services® team, Jerry creates and facilitates customized family workshops for family members seeking engagement and preparation for the present and future roles within their families. These workshops are designed to assist families with communication, personal legacy planning, wealth transition, and financial education. Families exit this experience with a vision for what is possible for their family, including but not limited to a list of common values, a deeper understanding of one another, and most importantly a path forward for what they hope to achieve together.

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  • As financial and other advisors guide families through the college planning process, incorporating an overriding framework where the principles of return on investment are elevated in concert with the same watchful eye used to purchase consumer goods can often lead to good decisions that mitigate the emotion of the moment. In addition to this mindset, there are other more granular financial items parents, students and advisors can focus on specifically in this new environment. For example, the existing lower-interest-rate environment could prompt a family to take on some student debt even if the family can pay out of pocket. An awareness of free tuition possibilities that vary by state and a mindful understanding of a college's refund or credit policy during the time of closures are a few points of financial interest.

    16 March 2021
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