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Revered global parenting expert & family advocate, bestselling author, and television personality, Jo Frost has been a staple on our screens and in our living rooms for over sixteen years. Frost has Executive Produced and Starred in a variety of her own television shows including: Family Matters, SOS, Extreme Parental Guidance, Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour, and her most notable Supernanny which originally ran from 2004- 2011 and recently returned to the USA & UK in 2020 with Season 8. Television became a successful medium for Frost to deliver her expertise to a mass audience, educating those who needed it most. Jo always had a natural gift communicating with children on their level and for connecting with both parent and child organically.

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  • On this season, I get kicked out of a house. There are moments of laughter, there are moments of sorrow. Parents say what they say. I say what I say, and there are moments that are heated. Change is not always easy.

    17 March 2021
  • It’s creating a set of life skills that I feel are challenging us, and testing us to overcome.

    17 March 2021
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  • Jo Frost
    Global Parenting Expert, Bestselling Author and TV personality