John Mellor

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Domo, Inc.
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John brings more than 25 years of technology industry experience to Domo, where he is responsible for shaping the company’s corporate strategy and positioning. Domo transforms businesses by getting cross-departmental data directly into the hands of decision makers across the enterprise from the CEO to the frontline worker so they can make better decisions and take actions that drive the business forward.

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  • Amid today’s economic environment, it’s vital for marketers to have a real-time view into company performance and the surrounding market context so that they can make adjustments on the fly and improve RO. With 1,000+ API connectors, the Domo Business Cloud allows marketers to easily combine systems and data from across departments and from any source to get a real-time understanding of how marketing is performing and modernize how they do business.

    11 February 2021
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  • Domo, Inc.
    Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)