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John Tukums is the founder of Inc., a software company leading breath technology within the rapidly emerging bio breath wellness sector. Through their web application, Titan Happiness™ (Featured in Forbes), they enable people to get to deeper breathing patterns, and, ultimately, calmer states, allowing them to gain remarkable new perspectives on core mental challenges.

John is the author of the book, Sustaining Happiness, a #1 Amazon Best Seller, published through the World Happiness Foundation. Sustaining Happiness covers John's breakthrough journey coming to terms with a challenging childhood, coupled with the in-depth history of man-kinds search for happiness. The book leads to the paradigm shift of rapidly dealing with mental challenges through the Titan Happiness™ web application.

As host of the Happiness 2.02 Podcast, John interviews world-renowned executives and remarkable leaders to share their hard-won lessons with fellow high-performing listeners. Podcast guests include MDs, PHDs, and organizational leaders who help billions of people find their "happiness oxygen." Game-changers—like Former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Dr. Sue Desmond-Hellmann; Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Lou Ignarro; NY Times Best-Selling Author of 'Breath' James Nestor; CEO and Chair, Global Wellness Summit, Susie Ellis.

As a Global Dialogue for Happiness and World Government Summit participant, John was one of 500 guests worldwide invited to Dubai on behalf of Her Excellency to participate in curated sessions on the science of happiness. John is a globally renowned speaker (Ex. TEDx, TTC Palo Alto, Google), often covering the science behind happiness and breath.

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  • You strengthen your breathing, you strengthen all aspects of your life.

    1 February 2021
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