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Executive Director at FinTech SandBox
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  • We’ve decided to really not give the typical Demo Day. The event itself will actually be lightning talks with each of the startups. They’ll be doing Q&A with our FinTech Sandbox partners to get to know the startup and what makes them different. From a fintech perspective, I think these early startups are really the ones taking on the challenge to fill some of the gaps. We’re going to see a lot of interesting technologies bubble up over the next few months to a year that are really a direct result of some of the issues we’re seeing today.

    As new executive director, Fryer plans to support tech entrepreneurs in making finance more sustainable and inclusive. We’re going to be more intentional with what areas of focus we have. This allows us to offer more of the right data, and even easier access to consumption of that data, which then in turn enables startups to develop faster, smarter, and better.

    6 February 2021
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