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Chief People Officer at Unit4 at Unit4
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Lisa is a generalist HR Professional with 24 years of experience which was spent largely in the software industry, defining the strategy and driving HR solutions with multi-country, multi-culture experience and PE backed businesses. She has a proven track record across full generalist remit focusing on Transformational Change programs, Mergers & Acquisitions and TUPE, Career Development, Employee Reward, Employee Engagement, Performance Management. Some of her previous experiences are within the software industry and manufacturing environments. Lisa has strong communication and people management skills.

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  • [At the start of the pandemic] we felt what was needed was strong leadership, clear and regular communication, empowerment that laid the foundations for alternative ways to collaborate and a stronger need than ever before for empathy and trust. Trust is absolutely driving everything that we do.

    13 February 2021
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    Chief People Officer at Unit4