Lisa Snell

Director of K-12 education Policy Partnerships at The Charles Koch Institute
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Lisa Snell serves as the director of K-12 education policy partnerships at the Charles Koch Institute.

Prior to joining CKI, Snell served as the director of education and child welfare at the Reason Foundation where she oversaw research and outreach on school choice and school finance reform efforts. She has testified before the California state legislature and numerous government agencies and has authored policy studies on school finance and weighted student funding, universal preschool, school violence, charter schools and child advocacy centers. In 2015, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey appointed Snell to the Classrooms First Commission to help redesign school funding in the state.

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  • "We need to embrace the bottom-up efforts to serve students and allow diverse models of service to flourish rather than perpetuating a two-tiered tutoring system where one set of students have access to the open-source world of learning options and another set can access support for learning loss based only on the traditional model and all its flaws."

    2 February 2021
  • "More-advantaged families are often thriving due to the out-of-school opportunities they have discovered for their children. Whether it is paying for enrichment classes or having resources to buy additional tutoring time beyond free resources, disadvantaged students should have access to the same diversity of solutions as their more affluent peers."

    2 February 2021
  • "The quality of our education system is too often tied to arbitrary geographic school district boundaries and the ability of families to afford expensive housing in the United States. These boundaries are often gerrymandered by school boards and school districts to keep property wealth inside a community and that property wealth is tied to the quality of public schools. There is not equal opportunity for every student to have access to a diversity of education options, and the existing residential assignment system denies access to high quality schools to too many children."

    2 February 2021
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