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Maggie-May is a 47-year-old woman who was sadly diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of just 35. As a confident, ambitious businesswoman, this diagnosis completely transformed Maggie-May's life overnight; as the skin cancer appeared on her face, Maggie-May underwent surgery which sadly meant she lost a proportion of her top lip in addition to further facial scarring. She lost all of her confidence and, afraid to face the world, remained isolated in her home for years, losing employment opportunities and missing out on social events that she would have loved to enjoy.

When Covid-19 first struck the UK in 2020, Maggie-May realised that life is too short to hide away. This epiphany inspired Maggie-May to use her story to help others; she has since created an educational, digital comic book series for children titled R.E.D Squad HQ, which educates children about the importance of sun safety. When Maggie-May was first diagnosed she was told that as skin cancer takes around 15 years to present itself, meaning the damage done to her skin occurred between the ages of 9 and 15. As a fair-skinned, redheaded child, Maggie-May simply wasn't aware of the risks. Now, she hopes to protect other young children, providing them and their parents with essential information about skin care and sun safety. Maggie-May will be releasing the first instalment of R.E.D Squad HQ during lockdown 3.0; she's using her darkest moments to help others and has actually found tremendous strength within herself over the past year.

Meanwhile, Maggie-May is preparing for the launch of her first book, titled 'My New Face'. This will tell of her journey with skin cancer, the lessons she's learned and what she hopes others can take from her experience.

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  • Author, educator