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Deloitte's Automotive M&A Sector Leader at Deloitte
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Partner, Deloitte Advisory | Finance, M&A and Strategy | Global Experience. I lead teams that perform financial, tax, human resource, commercial, operations, and information technology due diligence for corporations and private equity firms that are evaluating the acquisition or divestiture of a business. I have a passion for advising on complex, cross border transactions and have extensive global experience, having lived and worked in Europe for 4 years, and having led projects in over 30 countries. I have deep experience in a variety of industries including technology, consumer business, industrial, and automotive with a particular interest in the implications of industry convergence.

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  • Much of the activity is likely to take place among suppliers as they seek to address manufacturers' changing needs. First, as demand for components related to internal combustion engines decrease, legacy suppliers will be forced to compete on a cost basis in a market of decreasing size to an increasing degree (even more than now) and this will drive benefits to scale players, which will force suppliers to merge over time. Second, given the capital requirements necessary to develop new and emerging technologies, such as those used in autonomous vehicles, significant financial resources will be required and large and well-capitalized suppliers will have an inherent competitive advantage, again, likely forcing mergers and consolidation over time.

    13 February 2021
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