Marjella Lecourt-Alma

Co-founder and CEO at Datamaran
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Marjella Lecourt-Alma is the CEO and co-founder of Datamaran – the market leader in external risk management. Trusted by blue-chip companies and global partners, it is the only software that supports a fully automated and data-driven business process for monitoring external risks and opportunities - powered by AI. Marjella leads a diverse global team of ESG and risk management experts, as well as data scientists and technology professionals, and is globally recognized as a thought leader and game changer. At age 30, Marjella became the youngest female Director of the Global Reporting Initiative - the most widely used standard for measuring and managing ESG issues. She joined the GRI headquarters in Amsterdam in 2007 where she successfully set up the Services Department.

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  • When we see a lack of transparency on important issues like diversity and inclusion, which should have a place in the boardroom, we have to question the company’s governance and culture.

    5 March 2021
  • Back in 2014, when we set up this company, we wanted to help companies decipher which ESG issues mattered most. At the time, most companies had a hard time thinking of ESG as being strategically relevant. The space became prone to box-ticking. That was our opportunity. We had ideas for how we could prove ESG was actually strategic and do this in a way that would resonate with leadership. We figured out ways to derive meaningful insights from a lot of mainstream sources[2] using previously untapped technologies.

    5 March 2021
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