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Founder and CEO at Constant Companion
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Mark is Constant Companion's CEO. He spent over 20 years on Wall Street including 10 at the New York Stock Exchange, where he was managing director of the international division. Mark had the privilege of travelling all over the world advising executives, ministers and heads of global organizations. He have worked with hundreds of management teams, top business people, lawyers and investment banking professionals from all over the world. During his professional career, he have learned the value of having an experienced mentor and coach.

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  • This is a critical time for the health of our nation's seniors, and we are the technology partner for America's assisted living facilities from coast-to-coast. As the infection rate of COVID-19 continues to grow, we are committed to protect residents and staff members in senior care, so they stay safe. We are proud we can move quickly and provide potentially life-saving devices.

    7 April 2021
  • Almost everyone has someone they love who may need a bit of help. Our mission at Constant Companion is to make people's lives better. To do that, we use empathy, data and voice technology to create engaging experiences that are purpose built to keep our clients more engaged, connected and protected, 24/7. I was inspired to create Constant Companion after experiencing first-hand the challenges of caring for my own family. We're definitely making excellent progress improving care and quality of life.

    7 April 2021
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