Marty Irby

Executive Director at Animal Wellness Action
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  • Forbes: 8 Ways CEOs Can Be Corporate Activists

    Even the leaders of advocacy organizations are known to do their own advocacy work. Marty Irby is the executive director of Animal Wellness Action, also serves as their lobbyist, and was named one of the top lobbyists in 2020 by The Hill newspaper. He said his organization has helped secure six new animal protection laws in the past three years.

    "Running an organization and serving as its chief lobbyist on Capitol Hill can be very challenging but rewarding at the same time,” he said.

    “As an expert on the subject matter of animal protection, I've found my experience as executive director and knowledge of the issues to be a great advantage over other lobbyists in the field, and over those who advocate against the policies we would like to see implemented.”

    Irby said that "While Covid-19 has created serious challenges over the past year, we’ve doubled down on our work ethic in lobbying Congress and have utilized business and management skills to streamline our lobbying and communications efforts that work hand-in-hand together. Passion breeds influence and we've achieved tremendous results because of that passion, our proximity to Capitol Hill, and persistence.”

    5 April 2021
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