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Maureen Tara Nelson is honored to be Long Island’s #1 Executive Level Certified Professional Matchmaker for 19 years. Maureen has facilitated more than 1,000 long-term relationships, including marriages, since starting the company in 2006. Her efforts range from screening prospective clients in her office to serving as couples’ dating coach.

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  • The supermarket. That is a perfect place to meet someone because say you are looking to get into great shape. Go around and find someone that you can see looks like they’re single because there’s only a few things in their shopping cart and if you notice most of the things that are in the shopping cart are health foods, that’s a great opener to a conversation

    8 February 2021
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    8 February 2021
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  • MTN Matchmaking and Relationship Coaching
    Relationship Expert/Coach, Professionally-certified Matchmaker