NV Nirav

G7FX Managing Director, Head of Proprietary Trading at G7FX
On the record

Nirav has more than 16 years’ experience as an Institutional Forex an Futures trader. Having worked with central banks, hedge funds and private individuals and amassed valuable experience, he set up G7FX. The platform offers a professional institutional trading education built on his own experience at some of the world's top firms. His ethos is to provide the information that really matters to those who want to start trading. G7FX fulfils his initial vision of offering the same standard of training that is given in the best global institutions. Nirav believes that for people who are serious about trading, it’s vital that they learn from the best. Since leaving the trading floor, Nirav has consistently made money as a profitable private trader covering a number of markets.

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  • I setup G7FX so I could change that. My ultimate vision was to bring the exact same training program offered by the very best institutions in the world, directly to you.

    31 March 2021
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