Patricia Barbarito, Esq.

Co-Managing Partner at Einhorn Barbarito Frost & Botwinick
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Patricia M. Barbarito is Co-Managing Partner and Chair of the Einhorn Barbarito Board of Directors. Thirty-nine years ago, Pat started her law career at Einhorn, Barbarito, Frost & Botwinick when it only had three attorneys. Since that time, she has been integral in developing the firm into the powerhouse it is today. From the start, Pat’s passion and compassion set her apart from other lawyers and are the reasons why she is among the most sought after family law attorneys in the state. A highly regarded trial lawyer known for her integrity and commitment to excellence, Pat has a formidable reputation in every courtroom in New Jersey. Her hallmark is taking the time to gain a deep understanding of her clients’ situations so that she can swiftly and effectively develop a strategy, champion their cause, and achieve a successful outcome.

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  • The life of a CEO is always under scrutiny, and the personal behavior of a CEO is viewed (rightfully or wrongfully) as a barometer of the stability of the company that he or she leads.

    13 February 2021
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