Payman Taei

Founder and CEO at Visme
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Payman Taei is the founder and CEO of Visme. He started a web design agency in 2001 called HindSite Interactive and over the years discovered a gap in the market of design tools. All the design tools on the market were either easy enough for anyone to use, but lacking in flexibility and functionality, or they were full of great features, but not ones that a non-professional designer could use. Visme was built to help fill that gap in 2013. Over the years, we have tested, added and grown Visme’s offering into what it is today, an all-in-one visual communication platform. Today we have 8 million users spread across the globe.

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  • “As an advocate for small businesses, we understand the importance of depending on technology and social platforms to grow business. We have a Facebook ad account like everyone does these days and our ads are constantly getting disabled. This has happened over 20 times now and we have not been able to effectively run an ad on Facebook for over a year now. We believe there is an issue with Facebook’s algorithm that triggers an ad violation and this needs to be examined further because small businesses are struggling particularly during the pandemic.”

    3 March 2021
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