Pete Lamson

Chief Executive Officer at JazzHR
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Pete is an results-oriented executive with a 25 year history of a strategic, metrics-driven approach to accelerated revenue. His focus is on the global small business market with deep experience in B2B high velocity new customer acquisition. As the CEO of JazzHR, Lamson is responsible for JazzHR’s strategic direction, company performance, day-to-day business operations, and a support center for our revenue teams. Prior to JazzHR, Pete served as Carbonite Senior Vice President of Global Sales (NASDAQ: CARB). Pete was also a member of the IPO team, responsible for Carbonite’s global sales organization and achievement of all revenue objectives, inclusive of new and renewal revenue (both direct & channel) in the US and EMEA. During Pete's tenure, Carbonite enjoyed 20 consecutive quarters of record revenue.

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  • JazzHR is committed to helping essential care providers keep our communities safe and healthy. Healthcare workers on the frontlines provide critical services to fight this pandemic every single day. JazzHR is humbled to assist these organizations in filling critical roles with the qualified professionals they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    27 February 2021
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