Pierre Subeh

Chief Operating Officer at X Network, A Marketing & Research Firm
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As seen on Forbes & USA Today Travel: My core beliefs in business leadership revolve around the complex idea of trusting in the creativity and talent of individuals in the corporate world.

My past experience includes a series of very successful projects in the content marketing and advertising industry; as much as I would like to be credited for these successes, it was always about my leadership in a team of very talented developers, designers, content creators, and publishers, and together as a team, those accomplishments were achieved. I have a proven record of bringing teams to their full potential while achieving profitable improvements throughout a fun and exciting workplace.

Very early on in my career, I focused on studying the psychology of human behavior and the science behind efficient productivity. I’m naturally a leader when it comes to managing a company’s marketing strategies and creating a powerful team for the long-run. After all, you can only build on strong foundations.

Successful content marketing doesn’t originate from books or written methods, in my opinion. A company can achieve enormous prosperity solely when a corporate culture is created and enforced within that organization, where people and their opinions are put in the forefront of the mission.

Leadership to me is not about giving a team tasks and enforcing them, but rather creating a safe space where everyone is motivated to build and construct, whilst learning a new set of skills through the mentorship of a humble leader.

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  • X Network, A Marketing & Research Firm (www.xcuracao.com)
    Chief Operating Officer
    started Sep 2016