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Chief Technology Officer at Engage PEO
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Ralph is a highly experienced senior technology executive. He has led technology operations and strategy and major product development initiatives for a national PEO as well as for leading companies in the chemical and energy industries. He was CIO and executive vice president of technology for OneChem, a software application provider to the chemical industry, and held various senior technology management positions for Norsk Hydro, a global oil, gas, and aluminum producer. Ralph began his career with Arthur Andersen as a senior technology consultant.

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  • A limited budget translates into limited wiggle room when projects cost more than forecast, often resulting in mid-year budget reductions or the need for project terminations. When this occurs, and a CIO is only able to deliver seven projects on a list of ten, those seven projects better be the most impactful projects to the business.

    24 March 2021
  • As IT, we doled that out cautiously and, in some cases, we leveraged auditors’ concerns that certain positions shouldn’t work from home. Although the intent of those barriers was good, the rules were rewritten overnight. The auditors say this position shouldn’t work from home? Well that’s great, but the office is closed.

    24 March 2021
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