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Marketing Strategy Director at AspenTech
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Ron is a marketing leader, achieving growth of technical products and enterprise product lines in global markets. He has a strong talent in translating benefits of complex and technical products to business audiences. He has background in new product introductions, joint ventures, joint marketing, and marketing strategy. Ron has proven ability to execute complex marketing programs over multiple languages and geographies achieving visibility, leads, pipeline and revenue. He is experienced in scaling and segmentation of demand generation. In addition, he also a background in consulting and environmental studies.

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  • This is just by far the hottest discussion point at the senior management or executive level at energy companies, as well as chemical companies. They’re investing as fast as possible to become ‘sustainable.’ There are several reasons, but the biggest is investment pressure and stock price pressure. One of the objectives of digitalization is to measure, and measure in real time. Instead of taking all year to put together your annual sustainability report, if you actually want to take actions to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the year, executives need the data now. ‘Why is this plant performing worse than that one? What is it doing wrong? Let’s investigate or let’s send the team that’s doing the best to teach everybody else what they’re doing.’ I mean, it’s sometimes as simple as that.

    2 April 2021
  • Basically, the price becomes elastic. You charge a higher price, because otherwise why would they build a peaking plant? The system gets more complicated. The pricing gets more complicated. In the future AI may be more intelligent, but today AI is largely based on looking at large quantities of data. For something that hasn’t happened before or that happens extremely rarely, then it becomes harder for AI to predict it, because you don’t have historical data to say, ‘this happened three years ago.

    2 April 2021
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