Sarah Banks

Managing Director/Global Freight & Logistics lead at Accenture
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Sarah have spent over 25 years in the logistics industry, including working with clients on complex and impactful solutions to transform organizations, processes and technology. She had seen first-hand the evolution of the industry from EDI or electronic documentation to the application of new technologies like IoT, blockchain, and autonomous that have the promise to disrupt the way our industry operates. Sarah is passionate about the future of logistics and evolution of related service offerings and am excited to be a part of shaping the possibilities to come.

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  • While the forecast uptick in demand for manufactured goods is encouraging, it has brought with it an array of additional problems. With demand for inputs not yet being met by supply, shipping delays and shortages of materials are being widely reported, and have led to near-record supply chain delays.

    1 April 2021
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  • Accenture
    Managing Director/Global Freight & Logistics lead