Stacie M. Mastin

Vice President, Wealth Advisor at Tompkins Financial Advisors
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I am determined and results oriented, not afraid to speak up or challenge the conventional if it means that there is a chance to improve our experience and add value. I have established a reputation for working hard, having transparency and giving generously. I am driven to build long term relationships and earn the respect of those I interact with. During my career I have been fortunate to leverage my natural talents, build outstanding relationships and embrace my curious spirit to learn & grow as an individual. My best day is when I can bring people and resources together to achieve greatness. I enter every interaction with the belief that I have an opportunity to learn something new. So I ask you, what can I learn from you?

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  • Look deeper into your fixed expenses to ensure you are getting a competitive rate for things like home and auto insurance, and utilities such as electric, gas, cable and cell phone. These are often areas where you can cut back on your monthly bills, but you have to take the initiative to engage in negotiations with these companies.

    17 February 2021
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    Vice President, Wealth Advisor