Steve Massey

Prewitt Ridge
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Steve is a co-founder of Prewitt Ridge, an Engineering Augmentation technology built for deep-tech companies & engineers.

About Prewitt Ridge:
Managing complex systems is hard; we make it easier by linking your engineering requirements to your engineering tools. Our systems track what your team is thinking and lets them rapidly iterate on concepts, rather than waste time filling out change documentation and attending planning meetings.
We manage all your engineering design data, and get out of the way so you can focus on what matters most.

Some of the challenges we have personally experienced in our career involve the capture of complex & constantly changing requirements, iterating on specifications in both contributor & leadership roles, capturing data results & artifacts to be used elsewhere or communicated to stakeholders, and most importantly keeping the integrity of all this data as it moves around.

We founded Prewitt Ridge to address these issues and chart a path for deep-tech teams to design and build world-changing technology faster and safer.