Tarnya Coley

Motivational Speaker & Personal Development Coach at Tarnya Coley LTD
On the record

Tarnya loves helping professional women fine-tune their vision and make them unstoppable in achieving their goals. She have helped women from all over the globe to get unstuck and live their purpose. She is a personal development coach helping women make radical mindset shifts so they can pursue their goals. Tarnya provides support through one-one or group coaching. As an accredited training provider, she also delivers webinars and courses on personal development.

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  • People often come away from this first session buzzing with ideas about what they need to do next in their lives to change the status quo. I share my top 10 tips and encourage people to take action. These consultations have been a lifeline for women who want to move forward with their lives even though lockdown might have made it feel that everything was standing still.

    15 March 2021
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