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Founder, Chief Happiness Officer, Business Growth Expert at Arrive At Happy and 1 other organization
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Tia Graham is an Inspirationist and the founder of Arrive At Happy, the first-ever Los Angeles-based company with a mission of inspiring transformation through the science of happiness. Tia partners with organizations and individuals to increase their daily happiness and, in turn, increase success in all areas of their lives. She has a Certificate in Happiness Studies and a Certificate in Teaching Happiness from Harvard’s Tal Ben-Shahar and The Happiness Studies Academy. Tia is a Certified Chief Happiness Officer from Woohoo Inc., Europe’s premier Happiness At Work organization and is a speaker and coach at the annual World Happiness Summit. Relying on science-backed empirical data, she has gained the insight needed to prove and teach that happiness indeed leads to success.

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  • Candles can bring back positive memories and emotions. And certain candles have aromatherapy and can alleviate stress and anxiety.

    6 April 2021
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  • Arrive At Happy
    Founder, Chief Happiness Officer, Business Growth Expert
  • National Speakers Association, L.A. (https://nsa.la)
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