Vinay Ravuri

Founder and CEO at EdgeQ
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CEO/Founder of EdgeQ. 25+ years as an established Executive and Entrepreneur for mid-cap, large-cap, and startup ventures in Hi-Tech and Hard-Tech Markets. Broad industry expertise and across key multi-billion markets - Cloud, AI/ML, Networking, Servers, and Mobile. Strategic Advisor to companies in infrastructure, compute, and software/platform space.

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  • If you can build a really efficient multiplier that can do complex number math, right out of it falls the real number aspect of it, meaning, the AI portion of it. By doing that, we get this amazing reuse at a granular level. This is our IP, how to get that done [efficiently], how to keep [the accelerators] busy and how to have a low power consumption associated with it. Machine learning [acceleration] essentially comes for free, because there’s no extra area built into the chip, it’s the same multiplier.

    15 February 2021
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